About The Company

GF Instruments is a private owned geophysical company settled in The Czech Republic (EU).

The company's two main activities are:

  • Development, manufacturing, sale and rental of measuring instruments for geophysical, geological, environmental and laboratory use including gamma-ray spectrometers and dose rate meters, DC resistivity systems, electromagnetic conductivity meters, magnetic susceptibility meters, laboratory instruments and special equipment based on above mentioned methods designed to the user’s request.

  • Development of near-surface geophysical survey methods and consulting and services in the field of geology, engineering geology and UXO survey.

Some useful principles of our company policy:

  • If there are more sales, OK, we have more money for research and development. If there are less sales, OK, we have more time for research and development.

  • A new project is usually more beneficial for the company than its president's new car.

  • The cheapest and most welcome way of repair handling is its quick and perfect completing.

  • It is more advantageous for the company to give its employees more space than to fire them to establish their own business.

  • If the company has a good owner, manager and staff, there is no need to ask for grants and help of trade unions to keep its profitability and harmony.

  • Why we develop a new kind of instruments? It is always interesting for us, and our clients expect GF Instruments to do it.

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