Geophysical Services

GF Instruments provides methodical research, special near-surface measurements, consulting and services in:

  • engineering-geological surveys (for civil engineering, dams and dikes monitoring, utility mapping, landslides)
  • environmental monitoring and mapping (waste sites, leakages, pollution plumes)
  • UXO surveys
  • hydrogeological surveys (ground water explorations and protection)
  • geological surveys (search for raw materials, metal and coal deposits, mapping of geological structures)
  • archaeological investigations
  • forensic, military, industrial purposes etc.

To solve these tasks we apply geophysical methods, equipment and software as follows:

Resistivity and IP:

  • 2D/3D resistivity and IP imaging using multi-electrode cable, ARES II, ARES and RES2DINV / RES3DINV interpretation software
  • vertical electrical sounding (VES - resistivity and IP) using ARES II, ARES (shallow surveys), GEPS-2000 (deep surveys), IPI2Win interpretation software
  • resistivity and IP profiling using ARES II, ARES, Surfer mapping software


  • multidepth resistivity profiling (resistivity/conductivity and inphase mapping) using CMD conductivity meters (according to the required survey depth within 0.15 - 60 m) with EM inversion and mapping software (Interpex, Surfer mapping software)


  • land gravity survey using LG-1 Galileo

Ground Penetrating Radar:

  • 2D/3D surveys using GSSI SIR-3000 system and RADAN6 interpretation software


  • gradient or total geomagnetic field measurements using Geometrix G-858GSX cesium magnetometer and GEM Systems GSMP-40 potassium magnetometer, Surfer mapping software

EM Time Domain Metal Detection:

  • surveys using TM-93 metal detectors or large loop unit

Radiometric and Spectrometric Methods:

  • spot measurements (surface, shallow borehole) and mapping using Gamma Surveyor Vario VN6, Gamma Surveyor II, Gamma Surveyor, SGR, Surfer mapping software


  • positioning with sub-meter accuracy using Trimble Pathfinder system