Gamma Surveyor Vario

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Gamma Surveyor Vario

2048-channel geophysical gamma-ray spectrometer for field exploration,
borehole logging, carborne survey and laboratory use

K, U, Th assay, Dose Rate and Search Modes

Manual or Continuous Measurements with built-in or external GPS

Exchangeable probes with BGO and NaI(Tl) detectors

Vertical or horizontal instrument assembly

Attachable lead collimator for logging of slim layers

Precise spectrum stabilization using natural isotopes
or artificial gamma source

10 ROIs, isotope library, possibility of user calibration

Rugged design, submersible probe to 100 m

Rechargeable Li-Ion cells (for 24 hours) or 6 AA cells,
12 V car battery, AC/DC adapter

Easy control system (internet upgrade) with joy-stick, graphical display
(colour or LCD) with backlight, acoustic pitch response and large memory

Data Download via USB port or USB flash disc, data processing and spectrum view support

Bluetooth communication with external GPS and earphones


Determination of K, U, Th concentrations and natural gamma dose rate, spectral measurements with identification of radiation sources for mineral and raw material (uranium) prospecting, environmental monitoring, geological mapping, laboratory assays, industrial and health care purposes.

Gamma Surveyor Vario

as a 2048-channel geophysical gamma-ray spectrometer, includes all needed features and accessories for field, borehole and carborne survey with K, U, Th assays and dose rate measurement. Its easy operated control unit with attachable wirelessly coulpled compact probe allows to create a cost effective assembly regarding required accuracy and speed of measurement. The instrument works with either natural or artificial isotope spectrum stabilization, which is useful especially for quick and reliable measurement at very low gamma activities.

Standard Accessories:

  • Probe
  • Control unit
  • Transport plastic case
  • 5 m borehole cable
  • Carrying belt
  • AC-adapter for 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
  • Cable for 12 V car socket supply
  • Internal battery holder for 6 x AA cells
  • Cable for data download to PC / USB memory stick
  • CD with software
  • Operation manual

Optional Accessories:

  • 100 m borehole cable on a reel
  • Borehole clamp
  • Lead collimator
  • Cs-137 stabilization source (9kBq)
  • Spare battery pack

GMS Vario all probes
Detector volume
Probe Dimensions
(Diameter, length)
VB1 BGO 1.2 in3 (19 cm3) 45 mm, 301 mm 0.9 kg
VN6 NaI(Tl) 6.3 in3 (103 cm3) 70 mm, 265 mm 1.5 kg
VB6 BGO 6.3 in3 (103 cm3) 70 mm, 290 mm 2.0 kg
VN21 NaI(Tl)) 21.2 in3 (347 cm3) 102 mm, 345 mm 3.1 kg
VB21 BGO 21.2 in3 (347 cm3) 102 mm, 328 mm 4.3 kg
GS CAR NaI(Tl) 244 in3 (4000 cm3) 205x205 mm, 790 mm 33 kg
Control unit

Control unit
5 m borehole cable

5 m borehole cable
100 m borehole cable

100 m borehole cable
Borehole clamp

Borehole clamp
Lead collimator

Lead Collimator
Transport case with Gamma Surveyor Vario and standard accessories

Transport case with Gamma Surveyor Vario and standard accessories
Probe GS Car

Probe GS Car
NaI(Tl) 4"x 4"x 16"
Gamma Surveyor Vario borehole probe near borehole

Gamma Surveyor Vario on outcrop

Gamma Surveyor Vario borehole probe

Gamma Surveyor Vario borehole probe in water

Gamma Surveyor Car

Lead collimator