• Gravimetry
    At the beginning of September 2019 we have added the new product to our instrument group: Land gravity meter LG-1 Galielo. It is equipped with a lightweight, quartz-core based sensor, detachable control unit and advanced technology of signal processing. The new instrument is ready to match all needs of up-to-date field gravity survey.

  • Electromagnetics
    Multi-depth conductivity meters CMD-E, CMD-ME and CMD-ME 6L have created new world standards for shallow EM survey. They allow the calibrated evaluation of depth conductivity gradient in one measuring pass. All CMDs are now delivered with the new control unit equipped with two Bluetooth channels, GPS receiver and B/W or colour display. Smartphone application and comfortable harness for side and front carrying are also available.

  • Gamma-ray
    GAMMA SURVEYOR VARIO - 2048-channel geophysical gamma-ray spectrometer - quickly became a popular survey tool. However, the classic Gamma Surveyor and Gamma Surveyor II models remain available with usual support and prices to meet demand of the customers appreciating them for many years.

  • Magnetic susceptibility
    The magnetic susceptibility meter Multi Kappa allows depth graded field survey suitable for archaeological and geological studies. Measured values in the range from 10-6 to 1 are calibrated in SI units. Multi Kappa and the small, handheld SM-20 form a set suitable both for surface and deeper magnetic susceptibility surveys.

  • Resistivity and IP
    To meet the requirements of our clients, we have extended the selection of multielectrode cables (see section Resistivity and IP - Recommended sets). Passive and active cables are offered in a range of complete sets based on powerful ARES and ARES II units, all at a significant price reduction. The sets with short delivery time are suitable for a wide spectrum of tasks (from common single channel survey to large 10-channel, water, borehole and other special surveys).

  • Short guides:
    We recommend to pay attention to our methodical guides for electromagnetic conductivity survey as well as for resistivity and IP imaging. Those brochures contain both theoretical introduction and many typical examples of applications.

    The new edition of electromagnetic conductivity survey methodical guide is completed by rather complex physical theory useful both for academic sphere and for skilled users. You can find this chapter at the end of the brochure.

  • In the year 2019 you can meet us at our booth at the following main exhibitions:
    PDAC - March 3 - 6, 2019, Toronto, Canada
    SAGEEP - March 17 - 20, 2019, Portland, Oregon, USA
    EAGE Near Surface - September 8 - 12, 2019, Haag, Netherlands

  • 1st GFI Workshop 2018
    Electromagnetic Conductivity and Earth Resistivity/IP Tomography Surveys
    We are pleased to announce that the first GFI International Workshop on Electromagnetic Conductivity and Earth Resistivity/IP Tomography Surveys was held from April 24 to April 26, 2018 in Brno, Czech Republic.

    Many thanks to all participants for visiting us, sharing experience, presenting specific work and theory, discussions, networking, and wonderful time we spent together.

  • Workshop2018