Gamma Surveyor Vario

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Measuring modes:

  • Spectrum & Assay - spectral measurements with determination of concentrations of K, U, Th (%, ppm, ppm) and of natural gamma dose rate (nGy/h or nSv/h) with spectrum view (isotope library) and with selectable measuring time (IAEA conformity)
  • Dose Rate - measurement of natural gamma dose rate (nGy/h or nSv/h) with selectable measuring time (IAEA conformity)
  • Search - quick search with cps histogram and loud pitch audio indication (typ. 90 dB at loudspeaker) with adjustable cps range and threshold

Spectrum & Assay and Dose Rate modes can be performed as point, borehole and continuous readings accompanied with GPS coordinates.


Scintillation Bismuth Germanate Oxide (BGO) detectors and Sodium Iodide NaI(Tl) detectors in stainless steel housing. See Overview.

Spectral Analyzer:

2048 channels, 3 MeV linearized energy range.

Measuring Time:

Selectable from 10 s to 2 h according to required accuracy of results and to estimated concentration levels of K, U, Th.


Factory calibration is done on high-volume K, U, Th and background standards according to IAEA recommendation (International Atomic Energy Agency).
Two user calibrations (e.g. for measurement on samples or for collimator) can be created.

Control System:

  • Joy-stick user-friendly operation
  • Display - colour transreflective or black and white LCD with backlight
  • Acoustic output - built-in loudspeaker (typ. 90 dB) or external Bluetooth earphones
  • Memory - more than half of milion full spectrum and assay readings with the text and voice remarks
  • GPS - built-in or external (NMEA protocol) connected by Bluetooth or RS232

Firmware is upgradeable via internet.

Data Management and Export:

Each measured file identified with file number, time of measurement, instrument serial number and complete headline is stored in memory of Gamma Surveyor Vario. This information serves for reliable data management (storage and processing) after data download from instrument. ASCII lines with MS Excel compatible structure consist of columns with results, GPS coordinates and remarks. Enclosed PC software provides data export of chosen results for processing by e.g. Surfer or Geosoft SW with either latitude / longitude or UTM coordinates.

PC Connectivity:

Gamma Surveyor Vario PC software for Windows based PCs provides data download, export of measured files and visualization of spectra. The system contains complete support for data transfer using USB port or USB flash disk.

Power Supply:

Rechargeable exchangeable Li-Ion battery, immediately ready to use, provides 24 h working time from one charging with minimum capacity loss at low temperature.
Alternative power supply provided from 6 AA cells (single use or NiMh), external 12 V car battery or AC/DC adapter can be used when needed.

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Handheld assembly with VN6 probe - 138 x 100 x 290 mm, 2.4 kg (with Li-Ion battery)

Ambient Operating Conditions:

  • Temperature range - from -10 to +50 °C
  • Protection - water and shock proof assembly, probe on borehole cable submersible to 100 m.